Manage Product with DropBot – A to Z

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After retrieving data from the supplier and storing it into the DropBot app, you can administer product information.

Product management page is divided into 5 parts.

  • List of products, search for products
  • Detailed product information management
  • Original information
  • Information after syncing to the website
  • Information Google Shopping

1 / List of products, search for products

On this page, you can search the products entered into the system, search and find products.

  • Filter products
    • You can filter products by the criteria:
    • Website synchronized to
    • Price range
    • Product reviews
    • Product source
    • Product type
  • Bulk update:
    • Update categories of many products at once
  • Search product:
    • Search by product name
    • According to product SKU code

2 / Administration detailed information

On the product information management page, there are many parts. We will go through each of the detailed features:

  • Original information

Original information is information that is 100% identical to the original page. Include basic information, as well as the number of variants of that product.

  • Information after synchronization

With DropBot, you can create content profiles, so that when you sync to a place, the system will automatically recognize and switch from original content to content in the form you want. You can refer to the content from here.

In addition to information, you can also manage pricing formulas by product source, by price range, by connected website.

  • Google Shopping Information (Google Merchant Center)

With each connected website, you can synchronize your products to Google Merchant Center to promote your products easily.

You can sync products to Google Merchange Center, add some other information like the custom label, age group …. for each product or product group.

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