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In this article, we will guide you to find products on to import into your website and start the dropshipping journey with products from

Why Target?

Target is a long-standing e-commerce site in the US, and many Americans prefer shopping at Target.

Target’s biggest strength is having stores in the US if your customers are primarily in the US, and you want to shorten shipping time, you can use Target as a source of products.
Yes! DropBot will pull the full variant that each product on Target might have.
Yes, DropBot will update your product every 4 hours, price is included. You can take a look more on the DropBot feature page.
Yes, DropBot will update product stock every 4 hours. That information of stock status will be synced to your website accordingly.

How to import product from Target to your website?

To import products from Target, you can use the product search feature from Target right on the DropBot application. Like this

Or you find the results at DropBot are not enough to meet your needs, you can go directly to the Aliexpress page to search for products. Alternatively, you can click here to learn how to find trending and hot products on Target.

Then take the path to the product

And go back to the DropBot app, use the product import feature using the link.

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