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In DropBot, auto importing products from sites like Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay … is one of the biggest benefits that many sellers favor among many other benefits.

To find out more, let’s find out what kind of information will be downloaded from places like Amazon, eBay …

In DropBot, we will have 2 types of imports.

1 / Import products from the sites that DropBot supports available

At the sites that DropBot supports available, sellers can be assured of the completeness when importing products from these sites.

Products on these sites can be divided into two categories:

  • Simple products
  • Variable product

Depending on the type of product, the amount of information imported will vary. But overall, this information will be relatively complete. Include:

  • Product information: title, product description, SKU, quantity left, stock status (in stock or out of stock)
  • Product images: typical images, product image gallery
  • Review and feedback: product reviews, number of stars and content rating

In the pages that DropBot supports available, depending on each page the amount of information will vary.

You can refer to each provider below to better understand the specific characteristics of each website.

2 / Import products from other sites

Importing products from any site is also a feature that helps DropBot serve sellers better than other tools.

With this feature, the amount of information collected will depend on whether the website you want to retrieve is qualified or not.

Usually, the information will ensure you get:

  • Basic information: title, product description, SKU, goods status
  • Product image: typical image

Depending on the website, information about product reviews and customer feedback will be available or not.


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