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This is one of the most significant features of DropBot 😏.

Normally, you use Shopify or WooCommerce, you have to spend money to buy more apps/plugins to be able to synchronize products from the website to Google Merchant Center.

With DropBot, you will no longer need to search for plugins, just connect to your website.

How does DropBot connect to Google Merchant?

For each website successfully connected to DropBot, you can add a Google Merchant Center account to it.

After connecting successfully, every time DropBot checks and updates the status of stock from suppliers, synchronized to your website, DropBot will continue to use that information to update to Google Merchant Center.

The process is as follows:

1️⃣ Update data from the suppliers
2️⃣ Sync to your website
3️⃣ Get data on your website
4️⃣ Update to Google Merchant Center

How to connect GMC account to DropBot?

To sync products from your website (for example, WooCommerce or Shopify), you can follow the following video tutorial.

Can I change my Google Merchant Center account?

Yes, because we know your Google Merchant Center account may be having trouble.

So deleting and adding a new GMC account to DropBot is as easy as pie.

You can watch the video below

After changing, the products have synchronized to the old account, how to sync all products to the new account?

This will be done automatically by DropBot, we will ensure the product information from the old GMC account is synchronized to the new account fully.

If you are reading here, and want to find out all the other features related to Google Merchant Center, you can take a look at “how to export Google Merchant Center products to excel files“.

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