What happen after my free trial expired?

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Why does your account expire, after the expiration, what will your account look like? How to renew the service for your account?

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If you have signed up for a DropBot trial with paid plans (Standard / Advanced), your account will have 15 days of product trial.

If after 15 days you decide not to continue using the DropBot service, at this time, you will not need to pay a monthly or annual maintenance fee. This also means that your account will be transferred to the free account.

With a free account type, you are subject to the limitations of a free service plan. For example:

  • Product source: only support Aliexpress
  • Only support connecting one website to DropBot
  • Does not support connection to e-commerce platforms
  • Limit the number of active products on the account is 50

Similarly, if you have ever used the service and paid for the DropBot service pack, but for some reason, you decided to stop using it.

At that time, after trying to renew the service automatically, if DropBot does not receive payment, your account will also be returned to the free package and subject to the limits of the free package as above.

Naturally, existing information such as product information, orders, settings, … in the account will not be lost.

So, to continue using the product, you only need to upgrade your account once again.

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