Export product data to CSV/XLSX

Release date: 28/06/2020

Today was a very interesting day for the DropBot team.

In order to meet the increasing demands of customers, the DropBot team has introduced the export feature of product information into excel file, with many types of export, specifically as follows:

Export to Google Merchant Center product feed template

When you connect your Google Merchant Center account to your website on DropBot, the products you sell are automatically synchronized to Google Merchant Center.

To manage products, add custom labels, age groups … to products, you can use the Export as GMC Template feature, really quickly.

Export with mapping data feature

Suppose you want to upload a product to a system that DropBot does not yet support, which provides a sample excel file so you can fill out the content according to that form.

So, you can upload that template file, and configure DropBot’s content mapping with the content of the file and finally, you will receive the complete excel file, following the template of the system you are trying to upload the product.

Export as the original format

In case you only get the product data, and there is no sample, you can use the original DropBot file. This is the default export type.