Banggood, Reviews & Version 3

Hey folks, it’s Thomas here, and we’re bringing some good news to you after awhile!

1/ Banggood Crawler

With the feedback from one of our customer, we have upgraded our app to handle the information crawled from Banggood better.

Now, Banggood crawler would return the true image link, instead of big grey image.

2/ Product review on WooCommerce

As you would see in your WooCommerce site, the product now has the reviews from the suppliers.

Check it 😉

3/ DropBot version 3 – October

We will release version 3 of DropBot on October, it would have a lot improvement.

Along with the new UI updates, DBv3 would have more features, such as:

  • Manage vendor, multiple product vendor
  • Checkout vendor – team
  • Pricing rules: set the price base on source of product, price range and the website destination
  • Content rules: auto rewrite the product description so you product would standout from the ground
  • Supplier features
  • much much more…

Keep rocked and we will ring your bell about new updates in the next months.

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